Colour Crush Lipstick Swatches

I know the title is not very exciting, but it is to the point.
All this blog is about showing you the brand new colour crush lipstick swatches (which I love).



The pinks… Starting from the top and working my way down:
Damson in Distress
The Right Mauves
Rush of Pink
Blushing Pink
Dare to Bare
Innocent Pink
Sweetheart Pink
Passionate Pink
Redhot Raspberry (one of my personal favourites!)

Now the reds…. once again starting from the top:
Crazy Sexy Crimson
Raspberry In Love
Enraptured Red
Coral Blush
Coral Cutie (my absolute favourite!!)
Red Siren

Finally the browns…. starting at the top again:
Berry Me
Hot Date
Spice Things Up
Darling Blush
Berry In Love
Coral Kiss
Crush on Caramel
Golden Flirt
Drive Me Nuts

All the lipsticks have numbers too but I love the names more (hence why I have written them instead). I know I said I would never comment on The Body Shop products as I work for them, but I find it so difficult to find colour that are so bold and moisturising as these. So far, they are my favourite lipsticks out there, totally affordable, and really long lasting!!
Hope you enjoy my colour swatching.
Gemma ❤

P.S Here is a quick peak of the Coral Cutie on me 🙂



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